Michael Hoffman

Most folks believed I was being too aggressive buying and renovating a home during 2020, but people really thought I had lost it when I sold it in 2021 in this crazed real estate market and had to purchase another residence, so I was not living in a van down by the river.

The realistic approach and gentle guidance given by Tina & Mark was pure genius as we navigated what was required to enhance the home in Russell Woods for it to reach its selling potential, and then scope out another property to purchase nearby Lakeshore that was not going to haunt me for years to come by overpaying in such a turbulent market.

I know I can be somewhat demanding, and poor Tina having to deal with me for months on end, email after email, call after call…I truly admire her patience, professionalism and sprinkling some humor into what is typically a tense financial transaction.

This is the 3rd sale and purchase that I have used the Legal Edge Team, and I would most certainly recommend enlisting their services for your real estate transactions needs.

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